2013 Projects

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Eye Planter: I started this piece on a whim. I needed a new home for a jade plant. I also wanted to experiment with some eye techniques I've been thinking about.

Sketch                                                               Finished              

Maroon Bells Mosaic: This is an idea that I'm still developing. It is going to be quite an undertaking, so the planning process takes a while. It will consist of a series of irregularly sized geometric tiles with a relief carved landscape. The relief carving will have distinct layers that will help give the flat tiles perspective and depth. When assembled it should be about 24"x 36". I'm still working out a few more details before I start the piece.

Interlocking Planters:  The idea is to have 3 trays that will house 3 interlocking planters each. Making 9 planters total. The planter edges will fit together similar to a puzzle. They will house small succulents of different varieties. Unfortunately, this project has been on stall for a while. I have all 3 trays made. Just waiting on more terracotta to finish the planters.